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A Day of Service


   PCI Day of Service

Day of Caring is a traditional United Way volunteer event that kicks off our local Capital Area United Way annual campaign every September.  The objectives of "Day of Caring" are to match local companies with United Way member agencies in need of volunteer work. Employees of local businesses are able to get first-hand experience with various area charities. The events raise public awareness of our many community needs and services and allow contributors to see where their donations are spent. The program has many benefits to foster team building for employees and creates a great opportunity for employees to know each other outside of the workplace.

Recently several Performance Contractors employees were matched with Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge, a local, independent non-profit United Way Member Agency established in 1959 and serving a 10-parish area. The mission of Cancer Services is to improve life for those living with cancer. While there are organizations that conduct cancer research or offer medical treatment, it is our goal to help fill in the gaps during and after a cancer diagnosis.  The Performance team assisted Caner Services personnel with administrating the direct services program and volunteered in the center's Library Resource Center located at the Lobdell office in Baton Rouge.

"The whole experience was so revealing to me. So many people are in need. I'm proud to be able to help people, in a small way, that are facing incredible problems."  Commented Dawn Alleman.  This summed up the entire team's feelings. It was a rewarding experience for all.

Performance Contractors United Way Day of Caring volunteer team – (from left) Courtney Debetaz, Dina Leon, Mike Bosely, Aimie McAdams, Gail Millet, Merriel Metrejean, Chantel Judic, Dawn Alleman, Kynley Breaux, Natalie Wadsworth, Chase Rainey, Sabrina Bayhi, Louis Landry, and Tessie Hendrix.





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