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Corporate Wellness lowers health care costs and boosts productivity


  Corporate Wellness lowers health care costs and boosts productivity

Steve Hood teaches a hip hop class at Performance Contractors. Yes, on site at an industrial construction company. The president of Performance, Art Favre, built an aerobics room and weight training area for his employees. This way the employees don't have to go to a gym, before or after work. For Janae Verrett of Prairieville, it's a priceless perk.

"So this allows me to work out during lunch for free which is a huge benefit. I get to go home and spend time with my children," says Verrett, mother of two.

"There's about 70 calories per cup of crawfish tails," says Cecile Johnson, owner of Body Image Solutions. She does healthy cooking demonstrations on site. Johnson transforms the traditional south La. dishes into healthy meals. Johnson leaves her brick and mortar office to bring her business of Body Image Solutions inside the 4 walls of a company. Research shows a corporate wellness program reduces healthcare care costs for the employer and workplace stress for the employee.
"They're more productive, they're happier, they're taking off fewer sick days," says Johnson. "I think it's made changes in people's health fewer sick days you mentioned that I think it's a huge morale booster," says David Frey, who’s worked at Performance Contractors for 19 years. When the classes are this much fun, it pays off in other ways too. “It's just fun. Steve’s great. He helps us loosen up as well as lose weight. Since he started coming about 6 weeks ago I've lost 7 pounds," says Verrett.

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