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Performance Contractors wins ABC National Excellence in Construction Pyramid Award


  Performance Contractors is awarded ABC National Excellence in Consruction Pyramid Award

On February 22, 2011, Performance Contractors was awarded ABC's National Excellence in Construction Pyramid Award in General Contractors - Industrial $5-$15 Million for our BASF MPP Recommissioning Project performed in Beaumont, TX.  This is a prestigious honor bestowed for an extremely challenging and unique project and is well deserved.  The project spanned over a year and a half and many worked hard to produce this flawless execution in a quality manner with zero recordable incidents.  This jobsite was also awarded both the Performance Corporate Quarterly Safety Achievement and Quality Achievement Awards for the same quarter.  This was the first time in company history both awards were given to the same jobsite for the same quarter.

Jarrett "Smiley" Smith, and his entire field execution team, as well as Chad Courville are to be commended for their efforts.

Additional recogniation and appreciation goes to Dina Leon, Jan Little, Ryan Windham, Chet Ferachi, and Ryan Gaudet for their efforts and assistance with the project submission package.

Sincere thanks and gratitude are extended for everyone's hard work.

Jeremy Cooper
Regional Manager
Lake Charles Division 




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