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The success of Performance Contractors construction projects relies upon our ability to effectively control project delivery requirements. Operation of three equally efficient pipe fabrication facilities allows for peak performance management through timely and cost-effective delivery of fabricated pipe. A dedicated emphasis on material control and field activity delivery requirements mandates the flow of fabrication through both facilities. Our approach differs markedly from other pipe production shops that are primarily concerned with mass production rather than being more effectively focused on meeting unique project execution requirements.

Mobile Pipe Fabrication Facility
Baton Rouge Pipe Fabrication Facility
Texas Pipe Fabrication Facility


"Performance Fab Shop in Mobile is with out a doubt one of the very best run fab shop's I have ever encountered. They are pleasant to deal with, any information you need is printed immediately, documentation is current & available, cooperation is never an issue, workmanship is first class."

Jim Washburne
K.M. Chief Inspector, Kinder Morgan