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Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance names Performance Contractors "Best in Class for Division III"

The Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance, Inc. (GBRIA) recently awarded Performance Contractors at the Ninth Annual Craft Workforce Development Excellence Awards banquet on September 8 in Baton Rouge, LA. Performance Contractors earned a new award honoring contractors who ranked best in class for each division—"Best in Class Division III". Contractors in each division were measured against each other to select the best contractor. Performance eared the top award for Division III.

GBRIA also awarded Performance Contractors with an "Award of Excellence" in the General Construction & Maintenance category. The purpose of the GBRIA Craft Workforce Development Excellence Awards is to recognize the workforce development efforts of individual firms to convey GBRIA’s strong support for improving craft workforce development performance and acknowledging the overall importance of contractors as an extension of a plant’s workforce. GBRIA member facilities have encouraged each other and their contractors to invest in comprehensive workforce development programs that address recruitment, assessment, training, career path development and retention. Participation in the nomination process is a strong indicator of a company’s leadership and commitment to the goals of workforce development, whether it be a plant or a contractor.