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Lake Charles Family Man Talks About Hunting, Fishing and Performance Contractors

Lake Charles, LA - Phillip Broussard, a project estimator for Performance Contractors, is a family man who stays true to his country roots.

In 2010 Broussard took his first job with Performance Contractors as a project estimator, an important job within the company.

Broussard is a life-long resident of Lake Charles and has resided there for the last fifty-six years. In his free time, he likes to take his two grandsons fishing and hunting, two values he has passed down to them. And boy do they enjoy their time together.

As a child, Broussard desired a career in hunting and fishing or with horses, but life has led him to a different career, one he appreciates and enjoys.

“From the top on down in management, I feel that Performance Contractors is more sincere about the well-being and safety of all its personnel, with the safety programs and training being first and foremost at the top of the agenda”

Broussard praised the organization of the company and the considerate management team. He described their consistency and efforts to keep everyone updated on what’s coming up, where the company is going, and what they are trying to achieve.

“Performance Contractors is a well structured company with a lot of depth as far as qualified people in all aspects of the industry,” Broussard said. “Everyone I have worked with or encountered has always been helpful.”