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As an employee owned and operated company, we look at safety issues at a very personal level. Accident prevention is extremely important to everyone at Performance Contractors. Our safety program emphasizes the importance of safety at every level of every project. To start, we require mandatory drug pre-screening and deliver safety awareness presentations and questionnaires for all personnel prior to hiring. In order to reinforce our commitment to high safety standards, Performance Contractors utilizes an employee incentive program, motivating everyone to increase safety consciousness.

A team approach helps to raise the level of safety awareness and eliminate potential hazards on job sites. Routine safety meetings and audits are conducted by a Safety Coordinator as part of a project’s customized safety program. Communicating and enforcing safety objectives is an ongoing initiative. Continuing Education and Safety Training are major components of our overall program. OSHA mandated training along with company-specific requirements are dictated for each Performance Contractors employee. Performance Contractors' single most important committment as a company is to the health and well-being of our employees.
Safety Awards 

G.B.R.I.A. Contractor Safety Excellence
        2015 Hall G. Ginn Overall Winner
        DIV III - 1st Place

Associated Builders and Contractors
        2015 Safe Day Award - Gold

Southwest Louisiana Construction Users Council
        2011 Contractor Safety Award
        Platinum Award for General Contractors >500,000 man hours
        2011 Contractor Safety Award—Best in Class for General Contractors

Associated Builders and Contractors
        National Excellence in Construction Pyramid Award-2010
             General Contractors-Industrial $5-$15 Million
             BASF MPP Recommissioning Project

        National Safety Excellence Award*
            “Most Outstanding Safety Performance & Programs”
             1,000,000 to 5,000,000 & Greater Man-Hours Annually

        Safety Awards of Excellence – Mid Gulf Chapter - Gold Level

        Safety Training & Evaluation Process - Platinum Award* - Gold Award*

National Petrochemical & Refiners Association
        Contractor Merit Safety Award*

Southwest Louisiana Construction Users Council
        Contractor Safety Award -  Overall Winner & 1st Place Category SIC 16

The Construction Users Roundtable
        Contractor Safety Award - 1st Place* - SIC 16 Over 2 Million Man-Hours

        Safety Achievement Award* - Zero Recordables for 5-9 Years

Greater New Orleans Industrial Education Council
        Contractor Safety Excellence Award*
        SIC 16, Greater than 100,000 Work Hours - Outstanding Safety Performance

Houston Business Roundtable
        Safety Excellence Awards – Gold Level

Shell Chemical Company
        Outstanding Safety Performance*

        Contractor Safety Award – 1st Place*
        Hall G. Ginn Overall Winner, SIC 16 Overall Winner,  Safety Award*
        SIC 16 Winner - Over 1 Million Man-Hours

The Business Roundtable Construction Safety Award
        1,000,000 to 10,000,000 Man-Hours Annually*
        *Meritorious Award

Southern Company
        Contractor Safety Triangle Award*

The State of Arkansas
        Accumulative Years Safety Award*
        “For Working 9 Years without a Lost Day Away from Work”

(*Multiple Years Awarded)